Reflections from the WY&H Health and Care Partnership Involvement Panel Workshop 17/4/18

I attended a packed meeting at St George’s Centre, Leeds as a member and co-vice Chair of Bradford’s People’s Board. What follows is a short summary and some reflections on the session. Sam Samociuk. Speakers on the agenda from WY&HP, NHSE, Trust Governors, CCG Lay members, Leeds Council and National Voices. A general theme emerged of the tensions between the focus on outcomes and the ‘how’ of delivery. So, It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it – that’s what get results! Was then later contradicted by we… Read More

How to reflect the voice of young people – Working with Bradford young carers #CityofYouth

The People’s Board (PB) and Young Carers (YCs) Initiative – Lead by Sam Samociuk (author of this blog post), Huma Malik and Adam Deacon. The PB had discussions on how best to reflect the voice of young people of Bradford, as we are to be the youngest city in Europe. We considered membership of the PB, but this was fraught with difficulties, regarding timings of meetings, ages of participants and relevance of content of meetings. It was decided that a small sub-group of the PB, (Huma, Sam and Adam) would task themselves… Read More

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