Frequently Asked Questions

What is the People’s Board?

The People’s Board is a group of people who have come together to work with the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to look at health care services at a strategic level and offer a public and patient perspective.

When did it start?
The People’s Board started in 2016. This initially was to cover Bradford’s City and District, but as of 2018-2019 we involved people in Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven (AWC) and now cover the whole of Bradford district and Craven.

How did it develop?
Members of Practice Participation Groups (PPGs) who attended the Patient Network felt that patient and public voices weren’t always being heard at strategic level. A number of workshops involving Lay Members from the CCG’s governing body and people from the network came up with to the idea of establishing a People’s Board.

How many people are on the People’s Board?
Originally, there were eight members from the City CCG area and eight from Districts. The head of engagement at the CCGs, a support officer, the two independent lay members from the CCGs’ governing body and an advisor from the voluntary sector also attend to support the People’s Board.
Over time, some people have left, for a variety of reasons, and when reviewing our Terms of Reference to include AWC, we decided to reduce the number of places. Our Terms of Reference don’t state a fixed number, but in practice we have found that a group of around twelve makes for the right balance of meaningful debate and effective meetings.  When recruiting members we take into account both the geography and diversity of Bradford district and Craven.

How do you get onto the People’s Board?
When we are looking for new members we will advertise on the CCGs’ websites, social media, and local press. We also spread the word through VCS groups, PPGs and other networks. People apply and go through a selection process led jointly by the CCGs and the People’s Board Chair, which has been developed by People’s Board members to be as straightforward as possible.

What do the People’s Board do?
Our role and approach has evolved and developed since we began. Initially, we were asked at the end stage of developments for our opinions on new strategies or policies. By building up relationships and working hard, we have established ourselves as an important part of the CCGs ways of working, and commissioners now come to us at the earliest stage possible to discuss their issues and intentions.

We help commissioners to think differently about their plans for health care services, by bringing the perspectives of the public and patients and sometimes asking tricky questions.

What have the People’s Board done so far?
We have been involved in discussing and influencing lots of areas of healthcare. Including: changes in prescribing guidance; Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy; children & young people’s mental health; young carers; Community Mental Health Teams; End of Life Care; support for carers.

How can we find out what the People’s Board is working on?
Because of timing issues and sometimes confidentiality It’s not always easy to let people know what we are working on. We are trying to improve on this by developing a forward plan, and by regularly posting updates on our blog.

What are the priorities for the People’s Board?
In 2019 we have identified three key priorities that we will be focussing on, in conjunction with the CCGs:

  1. Planned Care
  2. Urgent & Emergency Care
  3. Young People’s Mental Health

We will also be following up on work already undertaken regarding Carers, Mental Health and End of Life Care.

How can we find out more? Visit our blog or email

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