Clinical Commissioning Groups

The People’s Board is set up and funded by the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in Bradford District and Craven.

CCGs were developed in 2013, made up of the GP practices that serve the local population. In our area we have three CCGS:

Our role is to plan and buy services to meet the needs and improve health and wellbeing of our local population.

We plan and buy services such as:

  • planned hospital care
  • rehabilitation services (such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy)
  • most community services (district nursing services, for example)
  • urgent and emergency care, including A&E, ambulances and GP out-of-hours
  • mental health services
  • maternity services
  • continuing healthcare (a package of care provided outside hospital for people with ongoing health needs)
  • GP primary care services.

The three CCGs work together through shared management arrangements. We work together to secure the best possible integrated and effective services for people in Bradford District and Craven.

The three CCGs in Bradford District and Craven are committed to ensuring that public and patient voices are at the centre of shaping our healthcare services, and setting up and supporting the People’s Board is an important part of how we do this.

Our involvement of people is important to ensure that we uphold the NHS Constitution and ensuring that patient and public voice is not just heard, but actively used to inform commissioning decisions taken by the CCGs.

Our ambition, in line with the NHS Constitution, is for patients and the public to be at the heart of everything we do. By working in partnership with patients and the public, we will improve patient safety, patient experience and health outcomes, supporting people to live healthier lives. We will also achieve our organisational strategic aims of improving health and reducing inequalities by working together with our communities.


You can find out more about getting involved and how to have your say on our websites or by emailing


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