People’s Board Meeting Summary 21/06/18

Clinical Commissioning Groups Equality Objectives and links to the Mental Well-Being Strategy Pia Bruhn, Equality and Diversity Manager eMBED Health Consortium explained that the Clinical Commissioning Groups Equality Objectives have a large section on mental health within it.  The People’s Board were being asked if they could contribute to this part of the Equality Objectives by advocating for protected and vulnerable groups. Pia’s presentation to us on Health Inequalities started with an interesting diagram about the levels of inequality being closely linked to poverty. With the main components set out as three… Read More

People’s Board meeting summary 17/05/18

Summary from May People’s Board meeting. Community Mental Health Teams (CMHTs) are being redesigned Sasha and Corrine came from the Mental Health Commissioning Team to elicit our views on their first draft discussion paper that had been circulated to us. CMHTs are to be reimagined and redesigned in the light of new ways of working to address the mental health and wellbeing needs of the people of Bradford District and Craven. Some models are being considered, an initial match to the current Primary Care Home (PCH) scheme being implemented, is the Lambeth… Read More

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