Peoples Board Meeting Summary – 20.06.19

Reassured. I feel really reassured. There is a crisis building in the lives of children and young people, so much so that their well being and mental health is challenged every day. Being different, feeling anxious, caring for parents or siblings, becoming teenagers and young adults, being bullied, coping with social media. These are all pressures, many of which are very public, some are very private. These pressures can be made worse by deprivation, lack of opportunity and crises – like bereavements or divorce.   We are a young city, we need… Read More

People’s Board Meeting Summary 18/04/19

Personal reflection written by People’s Board member Mohammed Mahboob   The peoples board meetings are rarely dull, and Aprils meeting was anything but that.  Passionate, ideas, concerned and full of alternative perspectives are some of the words that I would use to describe the meeting. Healthy discussions took place on a number of areas including the CCG communications plan, presentations and linking in with the patients network steering group, activities around the Peoples Board development day and the annual report.  This included a passionate debate on defining the Peoples Board and discussions… Read More

The difficult question

Meeting summary and personal reflection by People’s Board member Rosema.   Our meeting on the 21st march brought up the difficult question around end of life care, ‘What does end of life care look like to you?’ This is a topic that many of us don’t really like to talk about and why would we. But, it is something that resonates with us all in different ways.   As the meeting progressed and the topic of talking to the public about end of life care was raised. A number of different discussion… Read More

People’s Board meeting summary 21/02/19

  At it’s February meeting, the Board welcomed Jacinta Costella who spoke with care and intelligence about orthotics and wheelchairs. The first relates to the care for people who need help with special footwear and which gives them help to recover from injury and avoid it and to manage conditions during their lives. We think we know about wheelchairs but actually they give us independence and a good quality of life and this understanding will help others.

UnPoetic License

Personal Reflections on Peoples Board Meeting January 2019 by Sam Samociuk A visiting Lay member from AWC, I wonder what she’s come here to see? A group of ‘patients’ chewing the cud? How will that do anybody any good? We’re here to discuss the best ways to engage, With whom and where and at what stage, We’re here to be told how ‘cowology’ is needed, To test out the products that are sorely needed. All in all we do it quite well, but enlarging our reach needs a new sort of spell,… Read More

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