We are proud to support #OurNeighbours

Written by Emma Stafford, People’s Board Chair Have you seen the campaign all about looking out for our neighbours? If not, I’d recommend a nosey on https://ourneighbours.org.uk/ or have a look at the hashtag #ourneighbours on social media. It’s a community campaign that’s been spearheaded by West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership who would like us all to share a simple message… There’s so many little ways that could make a really big difference to your neighbours life. And let’s not forget, enhance yours too! The above photograph of the… Read More

Looking Forward – Reflections from the People’s Board Development Day 11th April 2019

People’s Board Development Day 11th April 2019 – Reflections by Co-Vice Chair, Sam Samociuk Well we think the ‘B’ thing is hard to work out – try making sense of the patient’s voice in shaping Health and Social Care service development! Here is a flavour of the areas discussed today. Who or what is engaging with whom around the national priorities? Is there anything for the PB to do in helping those priorities to be met? Are some things better dealt with elsewhere? What priorities do we have? Should they be the… Read More

First thoughts from Claire

People’s Board member, Claire Weaver talks about her early impressions on joining the Board and what it was like to be part of the procurement process for the new carers contract in Bradford District. One of the concerns I had when I joined the People’s Board was that public engagement might be a ‘tick the box’ exercise for the decision makers at the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), but I am pleased to report that my experiences even in my short time with the People’s Board show that there is a genuine commitment… Read More

The People’s Board are Recruiting!

The time is right to expand the People’s Board to cover the Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven area.

Karol’s Inside View

A personal view on health education and general practice from People’s Board member, Karol Wyszynski. With ever-growing research, rivers of data and information are flooding us. News about ourselves and our communities; healthy lifestyles, latest treatments, challenges, diseases etc. Many find out about it from the radio, TV or social media. But how do we react to this news- how do we take up that data and form practical information that will benefit us, our community and NHS? More importantly, how can this news reach a wider population? Health is a great… Read More

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