Karol’s Inside View

A personal view on health education and general practice from People’s Board member, Karol Wyszynski. With ever-growing research, rivers of data and information are flooding us. News about ourselves and our communities; healthy lifestyles, latest treatments, challenges, diseases etc. Many find out about it from the radio, TV or social media. But how do we react to this news- how do we take up that data and form practical information that will benefit us, our community and NHS? More importantly, how can this news reach a wider population? Health is a great… Read More

How to reflect the voice of young people – Working with Bradford young carers #CityofYouth

The People’s Board (PB) and Young Carers (YCs) Initiative – Lead by Sam Samociuk (author of this blog post), Huma Malik and Adam Deacon. The PB had discussions on how best to reflect the voice of young people of Bradford, as we are to be the youngest city in Europe. We considered membership of the PB, but this was fraught with difficulties, regarding timings of meetings, ages of participants and relevance of content of meetings. It was decided that a small sub-group of the PB, (Huma, Sam and Adam) would task themselves… Read More

Mental Wellbeing Strategy – 63 pages, sleepless nights and google translate!

Written by Mohammed Mahboob, People’s Board member In January 2017, “The Mental Wellbeing in Bradford District and Craven: A Strategy 2016 – 2021” was launched. The Strategy formally sets out the vision and strategic priorities for the people of Bradford district and Craven from 2016 to 2021. The strategy covers a wide range of areas including priority groups and services that will be delivered including children and young people, perinatal care, older people, and carers. The key strategies are as follows: • our wellbeing: building resilience, promoting mental wellbeing and delivering early… Read More

The ‘People’s Board’ – new beginnings.

A perspective from Lay Member, Dr Max McLean, Bradford City Clinical Commissioning Group. Early in 2013, just as the new Clinical Commissioning Groups were being set up, I remember reading a Kings Fund article about public engagement. These were heady days, over 200 brand new manageable organisations, replacing the old tired Primary Care Trusts and bringing in a fresh perspective to planning and buying healthcare for our local populations.

An introduction from the Chair – My journey to the People’s Board

Welcome all to our new webpage! As a way of getting to know me and how the People’s Board came to be, I thought it might be nice to share my own personal journey with you all.

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