People’s Board meeting summary 18/10/18

Welcome and round of introductions, as there are new faces around the table following recruitment of new People’s Board members. Firstly we started with looking at the refresh of the Primary Medical Care Strategy. There are 6 elements of the strategy. The aim of this was to look at the successes, and things to improve. Access – Improving quality – Skills and work force – Self care and prevention – Collaborative working – Contracting and estates- We split into 3 discussion groups and took a couple of the elements to discuss in… Read More

People’s Board meeting summary 20/09/18

Septembers People’s Board meeting focused on the Think LD Campaign. This campaign was set up to help raise awareness of people with learning difficulties as they have a life expectancy of less than 20 years of the average person. The campaign is to remind people to think about people with learning difficulties and to remind when doing pieces of work how to include and remember people with learning difficulties in this. The campaign is currently working on reminding people and spreading awareness of annual health checks across the district. Updated on carers… Read More

The People’s Board are Recruiting!

The time is right to expand the People’s Board to cover the Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven area.

People’s Board meeting summary 17/05/18

Summary from May People’s Board meeting. Community Mental Health Teams (CMHTs) are being redesigned Sasha and Corrine came from the Mental Health Commissioning Team to elicit our views on their first draft discussion paper that had been circulated to us. CMHTs are to be reimagined and redesigned in the light of new ways of working to address the mental health and wellbeing needs of the people of Bradford District and Craven. Some models are being considered, an initial match to the current Primary Care Home (PCH) scheme being implemented, is the Lambeth… Read More

People’s Board meeting summary 19/04/18

Summary from April Peoples Board meeting. 7 out 8 members present, support from BTM and the head of engagement. The April meeting took place, through the mini heatwave. In the meeting the following was discussed: The website and they’re will be more blogs on the horizon An update from the task and finish group The main body of the meeting took place discussing carers. The first section looked at Young Carers. The following questions were asked and discussed. Q1) Are your PPGs and/or GP Practices doing any work around young carers needs… Read More

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