First thoughts from Claire

People’s Board member, Claire Weaver talks about her early impressions on joining the Board and what it was like to be part of the procurement process for the new carers contract in Bradford District. One of the concerns I had when I joined the People’s Board was that public engagement might be a ‘tick the box’ exercise for the decision makers at the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), but I am pleased to report that my experiences even in my short time with the People’s Board show that there is a genuine commitment… Read More

Kings Fund Event 28/02/19 – Health and care explained. An overview.

Key messages from the day by Mike Frazer, People’s Board member   Kings Fund (KF) 1 day event – “Health and Care Explained “Leeds on 28th February 2019 Leeds Councillor Keith Wakefield opened –  50,000 jobs in Leeds are related to health/Life expectancy differs between disadvantaged Holbeck and affluent Alwoodley by 11 years/Social Proscribing works – there are 30,000 people in Leeds involved in community based groups Alex Bayliss, KF acting policy director – gave a history of the NHS from its founding in 1948 to date and outlined how the NHS… Read More

UnPoetic License

Personal Reflections on Peoples Board Meeting January 2019 by Sam Samociuk Our meeting had some interesting discussions and a presentation on Research, as well as some work on the new CCG Improvement and Assessment Framework. We discussed, the domains of Annual reporting, Day to Day Practice and Feedback & Evaluation.

People’s Board meeting summary 15/11/18

The Peoples Board welcomed 3 new members today. The main item agenda was a presentation and discussion on “end of life care ” by Polly Masson, senior commissioning manager for Bradford Clinical Commissioning Group ( CCG ). Polly explained that the CCG were seeking to develop a vision for end of life care in Bradford District and Craven aaand plans were at an early stage and she wanted some input aand feedback from the Peoples Board on 4 issues? 1. members thoughts and experiences 2. how to create an environment where people… Read More

People’s Board meeting summary 18/10/18

Welcome and round of introductions, as there are new faces around the table following recruitment of new People’s Board members. Firstly we started with looking at the refresh of the Primary Medical Care Strategy. There are 6 elements of the strategy. The aim of this was to look at the successes, and things to improve. Access – Improving quality – Skills and work force – Self care and prevention – Collaborative working – Contracting and estates- We split into 3 discussion groups and took a couple of the elements to discuss in… Read More

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