People’s Board Meeting Summary 18/04/19

Personal reflection written by People’s Board member Mohammed Mahboob   The peoples board meetings are rarely dull, and Aprils meeting was anything but that.  Passionate, ideas, concerned and full of alternative perspectives are some of the words that I would use to describe the meeting. Healthy discussions took place on a number of areas including the CCG communications plan, presentations and linking in with the patients network steering group, activities around the Peoples Board development day and the annual report.  This included a passionate debate on defining the Peoples Board and discussions… Read More

The Difficult Question

Meeting summary and personal reflection by People’s Board member Rosema. Our meeting on the 21st march brought up the difficult question around end of life care, ‘What does end of life care look like to you?’ This is a topic that many of us don’t really like to talk about and why would we. But, it is something that resonates with us all in different ways. As the meeting progressed and the topic of talking to the public about end of life care was raised. A number of different discussion topics were… Read More

We are proud to support #OurNeighbours

Written by Emma Stafford, People’s Board Chair Have you seen the campaign all about looking out for our neighbours? If not, I’d recommend a nosey on or have a look at the hashtag #ourneighbours on social media. It’s a community campaign that’s been spearheaded by West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership who would like us all to share a simple message… There’s so many little ways that could make a really big difference to your neighbours life. And let’s not forget, enhance yours too! The above photograph of the… Read More

An update: Who, what, where, how… A presentation to Bradford Patient Network

The People’s Board presented at Bradford Patient Network meetings on Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th April 2019. Designed to give an overview of recent activity including our work on carers support service engagement and end of life care and changes to the People’s Board and our expansion into Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven. Presentation put together by myself (Emma Stafford) and wonderfully presented by Sam Samociuk (Wed) and Mike Frazer (Thu). We hope to have a longer slot at the next Patient Network meeting where we can discuss one of these topics in… Read More

Looking Forward – Reflections from the People’s Board Development Day 11th April 2019

People’s Board Development Day 11th April 2019 – Reflections by Co-Vice Chair, Sam Samociuk Well we think the ‘B’ thing is hard to work out – try making sense of the patient’s voice in shaping Health and Social Care service development! Here is a flavour of the areas discussed today. Who or what is engaging with whom around the national priorities? Is there anything for the PB to do in helping those priorities to be met? Are some things better dealt with elsewhere? What priorities do we have? Should they be the… Read More

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