Community Connection newsletter – Edition 4

Humas Blog

How things have changed! Day to day working is now all from home consisting of a lot of virtual meetings. The experience was strange at first but it feels so normal now. The virtual meetings have been a blessing and a nice form of social interaction with my team. Similarly, with the People’s Board, we are now all meeting virtually too. It’s nice to see friendly faces and keep our meetings going. The meetings are different but it’s a nice way of checking in and updating each other. We also make sure… Read More

Adams Blog

An Optimistic Perspective on the Lockdown Same as nearly everyone else, the lockdown has had a major impact and disruption on my everyday life, which has necessitated the need for much personal adjustment and adaptation. For example, every day of the week, I would either have going dancing, swimming, the gym as well as meeting up with family and friends. There have been additional pressure factors that have increased my vulnerabilities, I’m a keyworker, from the BAME community, with underlying health conditions (such as asthma). I’m able to appreciate the essential need… Read More

Community Connection newsletter – 3rd edition

Community Connection News Letter – 2nd Edition

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