We are members of the public from the areas covered by Bradford District and Craven CCGs. Some of us are health and social care professionals, work in the voluntary sector or come from local Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) and the network that supports them.

It’s safe to say that we are unique and the CCGs have taken a bit of a risk in setting us up and allowing us deep into the corridors of power. We began our development early in 2016 and it’s taken a lot of hard work and soul searching to have a clear identity and direction.

Our overall aim is to work directly with the CCGs to help them to design and deliver the best options available in healthcare for the people of Bradford.

We are here to challenge, support and represent a range of views from as many of the diverse communities that make up Bradford. But, best of all we are doing this directly with the decision makers, so the voice of patients and the public is heard and represented in the health services we develop and receive.

This process of working is known as co-production and this is seen as the ‘gold standard’ for public and patient involvement.

To achieve this each member has linked themselves to the ‘engine room’ of the CCGs – the work programmes. It is here that services, strategies and policies are designed or changed in response to national directives, changes in funding or changes in needs.

It’s the job of the People’s Board to offer views gained from their members and organisations and to ensure that the right people have been consulted before a final decision is reached.

You may ask, what have we been doing?

We can assure you that we have been busy! We have made contributions to a number of key policy and strategy developments:

  • the urgent and emergency care strategy,
  • prescribing policies, including gluten-free products
  • primary medical care strategy
  • self-care and social prescribing
  • mental wellbeing strategy and implementation plan
  • safeguarding adults
  • #selfcareeverywhere event for young people

We have also been cementing connections with the PPG Network, Healthwatch, young people and young carers.

Our development has been monitored and evaluated by an external agency and we continue to strive to develop ourselves and work closely with the CCGs in ever changing circumstances.

We will soon have links here to documents such as our terms of reference, presentations and meeting minutes.

Our key areas of work are around:

  • influence: creating two-way dialogue to inform the CCGs’ decisions
  • greater transparency: holding the CCGs to account and improving feedback
  • involvement and reach: making sure we hear and involve all Bradford communities
  • effective activity: building trust to have effective discussions and actions.
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