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How things have changed!

Day to day working is now all from home consisting of a lot of virtual meetings. The experience was strange at first but it feels so normal now. The virtual meetings have been a blessing and a nice form of social interaction with my team. Similarly, with the People’s Board, we are now all meeting virtually too. It’s nice to see friendly faces and keep our meetings going. The meetings are different but it’s a nice way of checking in and updating each other. We also make sure we are updated with the correct local news that we can share with our networks (like this newsletter).

Working remotely has its challenges too, especially engaging with new groups of young people as the initial relationship building process is now very different due to other family members being in the background and there are more distractions in some cases. Being able to read body language and getting a sense of the room isn’t always easy via a web cam or a telephone call.

Many things have changed but a lot of support has been in place too over the past few months. This has ranged from specialist care and help to friends and family just checking in or asking if we need things when they go shopping. It’s been nice to remember and see all the support and people that are in your lives. Before lockdown, like many others, my life was fast paced, working all hours and cramming so much into my life. As things came to a halt, certain aspects of my life have slowed down too and it’s been nice to relax and I mean relax without any pressures.

I think this period of change will definitely impact everyone in different ways but in very similar ways too. Change is a constant part of life we can always depend on being there. As things are constantly changing, sometimes it’s just more prominent like a pandemic. Sometimes it’s just subtle like a car driving by and by the time you’ve read to the end of this sentence, will have passed by, changing its location and view.

Huma Malik

Co-Vice Chair, People’s Board

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