Reflections from Peoples Board meeting 20/06/19

Written by Sam Samociuk, Peoples Board co-vice chair

Reassured. I feel really reassured. There is a crisis building in the lives of children and young people, so much so that their well being and mental health is challenged every day. Being different, feeling anxious, caring for parents or siblings, becoming teenagers and young adults, being bullied, coping with social media. These are all pressures, many of which are very public, some are very private. These pressures can be made worse by deprivation, lack of opportunity and crises – like bereavements or divorce.

We are a young city, we need to plan to support our young people, nurture them so that they may meet their potential – luckily the commissioners (Sasha & Maariya) and service providers are doing just that.

We had a further presentation today of what is planned to be on offer to our young people, there have been great strides made to bring together, education and statutory services and the voluntary sector to provide pathways and safety nets, real, physical and electronic.

(See the official minutes for full details of all the services)

The increase of help at schools with Mental Health School Champions and Health Buddies is a great initiative, especially for young people who are awaiting formal help through Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) with Primary MH workers and School Nurses.

We have questioned and made suggestions, been listened to and our thoughts included and acted upon. The plans look good, we need to hear from young people about how well this is working. I feel reassured.

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