The Difficult Question

Meeting summary and personal reflection by People’s Board member Rosema.

Our meeting on the 21st march brought up the difficult question around end of life care, ‘What does end of life care look like to you?’

This is a topic that many of us don’t really like to talk about and why would we. But, it is something that resonates with us all in different ways.

As the meeting progressed and the topic of talking to the public about end of life care was raised. A number of different discussion topics were raised:

– Do people think ahead and what do they think of?

– Why are people not thinking about death or making plans?

– What prevents people from talking on it?

– Holistic support

– Understanding a range of different experiences

All that points raised above are crucial, as each one helps us to better understand what end of life care means for different people. These questions are difficult to ask, and during the meeting it was mentioned that for people to have these discussions it has to be somewhere that they felt safe to open up. People would also need support if they were talking about their own personal experiences.

A topic that interested me was ‘holistic support’. Personally, I like the way it brings together physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of an individual. It is a more comforting form of support that I quite like.

As a young person, I don’t think about end of life care and when it comes to my loved ones I really don’t want to think about it. But, after the meeting I went home and opened up a discussion with my family about what end of life care means to them. I wanted to better understand my own loved one’s ideas.

So, I ask you to open up a discussion with your loved about what end of life care mean to them?

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