Looking Forward – Reflections from the People’s Board Development Day 11th April 2019

People’s Board Development Day 11th April 2019 – Reflections by Co-Vice Chair, Sam Samociuk

Well we think the ‘B’ thing is hard to work out – try making sense of the patient’s voice in shaping Health and Social Care service development!

Here is a flavour of the areas discussed today.

Who or what is engaging with whom around the national priorities?

Is there anything for the PB to do in helping those priorities to be met?

Are some things better dealt with elsewhere?

What priorities do we have? Should they be the same or different to the CCGs – if different, where do we get our mandate from?

How do we utilise and learn from the Grassroots information/data that is collected monthly by the Engagement Team?

What do we do about those things we have a personal interest in?

How do we support each other to take on extra work in task & finish groups?

Can we achieve more within our 3 hour monthly meetings?

How do we connect more with our different communities?

We need to refresh our Organogram – not where our vital organs are but where the vital organisations are in the whole Bradford & Districts Health & Social Care firmament, how they connect and relate to each other, so in effect a map.

We need to be clear about our capacities as a group of volunteers.

We need a clear communications strategy.

We need to prioritise where we put our efforts.

We need a work programme for the year.

We need to stick to whatever we agree and go forward together.

These days are exciting, frustrating, engaging, challenging and very, very useful but you certainly know you’ve been to one at the end of it!

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