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Personal Reflections on Peoples Board Meeting January 2019

by Sam Samociuk

A visiting Lay member from AWC,

I wonder what she’s come here to see?

A group of ‘patients’ chewing the cud?

How will that do anybody any good?

We’re here to discuss the best ways to engage,

With whom and where and at what stage,

We’re here to be told how ‘cowology’ is needed,

To test out the products that are sorely needed.

All in all we do it quite well,

But enlarging our reach needs a new sort of spell,

We need to connect, oil all connecting bits,

From PPGs to Networks, to PB – any tips?”

Our meeting had some interesting discussions and a presentation on Research, as well as some work on the new CCG Improvement and Assessment Framework. We discussed, the domains of Annual reporting, Day to Day Practice and Feedback & Evaluation.

Personally, I felt the Research presenter thought of us as a group of ‘patients’ and didn’t take into account our knowledge and experience.

I felt there were many considerations,when thinking of research into the human experience of healthcare, that are not always taken account of.

Research study design and funding bids need to reflect the need for larger samples of populations being involved in qualitative components of research design and the funding for this needs to be factored in.

Most research has a medical or biomedical focus – which is great for finding new treatments and even possible cures, but we also need to research holistic effects, the psycho/emotional/social and spiritual experiences and how these effect the healing processes.

There has always been a tension in research design between the randomised control trial and the smaller focused conversations, it’s here that size is often deemed to matter. The WY Research Group are wanting more GP practices to be Research Ready, currently 17/79 are.

We still have so much to learn from each other and about each other, it’s great to have some new members on board (pun intended) and our next steps are again likely to be intriguing.

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