Claire Weaver

I moved to Craven from London 15 years ago, attracted by the stunning landscape, and the friendliness of the Yorkshire folk.  As my daughter developed complex mental health needs and neurological disabilities, I discovered that the rural landscape was not quite so idyllic as I ‘battled’ with various NHS services to obtain support for my daughter.  I discovered that Craven was a complex location – it didn’t fully belong anywhere and was ‘tacked on’ to either North Yorkshire, or to Bradford, depending upon the service being received.  In particular, Bradford services were… Read More

Michael Frazer

A widower with 3 children and 4 grandchildren Joined the civil service in 1974 having worked before then at Woolworths and Leeds Parks Department. Took early retirement from the civil service in 2013 to be a Carer for his wife Anna who suffered from a blood condition which developed into Acute Myeloid Leukaemia from which she unfortunately died in March 2016. Since that date has become an active volunteer and fund raiser in several community groups and having joined his local GPs patient participation group became interested in how NHS services should… Read More

UnPoetic License

Personal Reflections on Peoples Board Meeting January 2019 by Sam Samociuk A visiting Lay member from AWC, I wonder what she’s come here to see? A group of ‘patients’ chewing the cud? How will that do anybody any good? We’re here to discuss the best ways to engage, With whom and where and at what stage, We’re here to be told how ‘cowology’ is needed, To test out the products that are sorely needed. All in all we do it quite well, but enlarging our reach needs a new sort of spell,… Read More

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