People’s Board meeting summary 15/11/18

The Peoples Board welcomed 3 new members today.

The main item agenda was a presentation and discussion on “end of life care ” by Polly Masson, senior commissioning manager for Bradford Clinical Commissioning Group ( CCG ).

Polly explained that the CCG were seeking to develop a vision for end of life care in Bradford District and Craven aaand plans were at an early stage and she wanted some input aand feedback from the Peoples Board on 4 issues?

1. members thoughts and experiences

2. how to create an environment where people would be comfortable discussing end of life care

3.what approaches/tools would be  most effective in gathering feedback from the public

4. what would be the best way to engage with the wider public to ensure various voices heard.

Members recounted their own experiences of family members end of life experiences and the discussion encompassed the potential use of specialist counsellors from organisations with direct experience of end of life management such as Macmillan Nurses and Marie Curie organisations and possibly engaging with the wider community via established community groups/PPGs/Faith leaders.

It was acknowledged that Bradford and District and Craven are generally good at manging end of life and results consistently are higher than the national targets but that experiences vary significantly across the area and between different CCGs.

Polly agreed to report back to the Board on how this project develops.

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