People’s Board meeting summary 18/10/18

Welcome and round of introductions, as there are new faces around the table following recruitment of new People’s Board members.

Firstly we started with looking at the refresh of the Primary Medical Care Strategy.

There are 6 elements of the strategy. The aim of this was to look at the successes, and things to improve.

Access –

Improving quality –

Skills and work force –

Self care and prevention –

Collaborative working –

Contracting and estates-

We split into 3 discussion groups and took a couple of the elements to discuss in more detail and provide our thoughts on these areas.


We have new members, Rosema for Airedale, Mike for Bradford, Clare for Craven

Leaving a space open for Wharfdale to recruit, if anyone know of anyone that would like to apply follow the link for more details.

Cares Role

Offer to People’s Board if members want to help by being a member on a panel. The aim of this is to look at the the service providers for carers.

CCG Website

Offer to board to look at the CCG website to help improve it and give suggestions. 2 members of board said yes, one will look at the website as a member of the public. The other will look at it from

the perspective a young person.

Members suggested an away day/ development day for new members, to help introduce them to the board. With the aim to do this in early Feb.

The offer of end of life care strategy was brought to the board for the November meeting. Members board agreed this was a good offer. Members said they were happy to have discussions on this. With the aim to do this in small groups and giving a large share of the meeting to it as members felt it deserved time and care, as this is something that effects us all.

Next meeting to take place 15.11.18 but will be in an alternative location due to the CCG moving buildings. Members were also happy to switch locations of the meetings to accommodate the new members from Airedale, Wharfdale and Craven. This to be looked at in further detail.

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