People’s Board meeting summary 17/05/18

Summary from May People’s Board meeting.

Community Mental Health Teams (CMHTs) are being redesigned

Sasha and Corrine came from the Mental Health Commissioning Team to elicit our views on their first draft discussion paper that had been circulated to us.

CMHTs are to be reimagined and redesigned in the light of new ways of working to address the mental health and wellbeing needs of the people of Bradford District and Craven.

Some models are being considered, an initial match to the current Primary Care Home (PCH) scheme being implemented, is the Lambeth model. The commissioners are to visit next week to see it in practice, there is a place available for a PB member to attend.

A number of PB members have experience of working in the Mental Health sector so we had a lively debate on the issues, e.g.

Where do Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS ) fit into the CMHT model, how is the tricky period of transition from young people’s services to adult managed and is there scope to integrate this service more?

Access to MH services for some client groups is very difficult and often they are left with long (12 weeks) waiting times, which can exacerbate their condition and lead to poor coping choices like alcohol and drugs or worse suicide. If people get a waiting list appointment they need some support in the interim period, this is also true of young people awaiting CAMHS.

A general consensus is that there needs to be a range of ‘non-medical’ opportunities and outlets for young people and adults, social based groups and activities to help raise self esteem. GP Practices could do more to be ‘community hubs’ offering drop ins, signposting/care navigation and advice.

It was felt that the quality and consistency of relationships was key to therapeutic work and shifting the balance of power so that ‘care plans’ are owned by the service user and not imposed and that they are person centred, needs led, rather than professional and organisation led. People like consistency in whom they see and time to develop their relationship.

It was felt that if the community mental health team could see patients in a place the patient feels more comfortable they will be able to see more of a bigger picture in regards to the patient and their life. The goals patients have may be different from clinicians.

Members of CMHTs have been under ever increasing pressure to ‘service’ the Care Programme Approach (CPA) agenda, this has meant increasing workloads, larger client numbers and less time and resources. They need to be consulted on what works and have input into the redesign. They also need to be properly supported to do their work and this will aid recruitment and retention.

It was also felt that there needs to be more attention paid to the person’s context, their social environment, family, employment, ethnicity, finances etc as these are determinants of health.

We also felt that Carers needed more support, meaningful assessments and inclusion in the person’s care, where appropriate.

Mental Health issues, when diagnosed, tend to require a lengthy process of adjustment, including finding the right treatment options and having the time to work through issues. Short term contact with services can give the wrong message, especially with young adults, that people should expect a quick resolution to their problems, when in fact it may take a long time to adjust to living with a long term condition, that fluctuates in intensity.

The West Yorkshire & Harrogate Health & Social Care Partnership

Karen Coleman, gave an overview of the Partnership membership and their current priorities, plus a summary of the recent ‘Involvement Panel’ meeting held in Leeds that we had representatives at.

Jill Dufton & Susan Woodward came to share their engagement approach to date and to discuss next steps for involvement and how to keep all partners aware of local involvement work being done.

We discussed some of the engagement pitfalls raised at the panel meeting, consultation fatigue, lack of feedback, same people being surveyed over and over and the lack of tangible results from the engagement. They were very keen not to repeat these.

We suggested them having a digital resource, they were clear that they did not want to have a directory due to problems with keeping it up to date. Suggested a blog site or somewhere for members to share/upload developments and stories from across the Partnership.

There is to be a meeting to discuss this further with other members and the PB has been invited to send a member to it.

Finally, the Task & Finish Group reported that they have rewritten the draft Terms of Reference, the Recommitment Document, the Application Form and started to put together a Recruitment pack – this will be circulated to members for final comments.

This was a very full and vibrant meeting with multiple contributions.

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  1. Thank you to everyone for a lively and informative discussion – and the beginning of a journey to transform our services together. I have shared your summary with key stakeholders and no doubt we will have more discussions and reflections to support the work we have ahead. Look forward to the next session where we will give an update.

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