People’s Board meeting summary 19/04/18

Summary from April Peoples Board meeting.

7 out 8 members present, support from BTM and the head of engagement.

The April meeting took place, through the mini heatwave.

In the meeting the following was discussed:

  • The website and they’re will be more blogs on the horizon
  • An update from the task and finish group
  • The main body of the meeting took place discussing carers.

The first section looked at Young Carers.

The following questions were asked and discussed.

Q1) Are your PPGs and/or GP Practices doing any work around young carers needs or have displays etc?

Outcomes and Actions: It was highlighted this is an area to develop on. To spread awareness in GP ’s surgeries. Through displays for young people and Young Carers. In the April PPG Network meeting this was looked into further.

Q2) Do you know through your community links if there is any awareness work currently being undertaken regarding Young Carers’ experiences?

Outcomes and Actions: To highlight the link that Young Carers are likely to become Adults Carers. To look at issues around stigma of being a Young Carers and to praise young people for the caring role they take on. To help create the link between young people always ringing up for appointments for someone else or collecting their prescriptions.

Q3) What else can we do to raise the issue of Young Carers needs in relation to health and wellbeing?

Outcomes and Actions: Help spread awareness, through social media, displays and posters. Looking at asking other young people to gather  a wider view. To help create links for Young Carers in their local areas.

Everyone took a much needed break due to the room becoming sauna

The next section of the main body of the meeting looked at, start of planning a consultation with carers across Bradford. How this would happen, what this would look like and how do you include hidden carers?

Main points from the discussion: There is a link in the Eastern European Communities between substance  misuse, especially drinking and caring for someone. Look into talking to online carers groups on social media. To look at registered and see there are others around them who are caring for others but not registered.  The board discussed sending formal letters out to all People’s Board members as well as emails

The meeting came to close, after having an update regarding the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Partnership workshop.

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