Adam Deacon

I’m 42, and was born and raised in Bradford South.

Throughout my lifetime in Bradford, I’ve witnessed at first hand, barriers of illiteracy and unemployment, leading to poverty and lower life expectancy. I’m passionate about supporting the vulnerable within society and find it extremely rewarding when I see people’s lives being transformed and indeed aspirations raised by their health and social needs being met.

My key responsibilities on the NHS People’s Board (PB) is, Safeguarding. Some of the key roles I undertake on the PB’s are attending:

·        Bradford Planned Care Programme Board Meetings

·        Bradford District  Health and Wellbeing Forums

·        Bradford Safeguarding Voice Group, as the Deputy Chair.

Since adolescence to the present day I’ve continued to be actively involved and committed to youth, community, charity and voluntary work. I’m a qualified social worker, who’s spent 7 years employed experience working as a Child Protection social worker for BMDC, until resigning in 2017. Currently I’m working full time for The Ministry of Justice, whilst continuing to regularly undertake voluntary work for many local and national and international charities. My favourite leisure activities involve various types of physical fitness and dancing. For example, last year I managed to successfully complete a sponsored marathon for Save the Children.

My involvements and commitments over the years have brought me into contact with a wide range of people from a variety of backgrounds, for which I feel privileged. Having friends, colleagues and service users of all ages and backgrounds, on a local, national or international level enables me to gain a fuller understanding of positive social interaction within a transient and multi-cultural society, such as Bradford. This in turn offers me a deeper and specialist insight into social problems and possible solutions, which later led to me being selected to be a member of the Believing in Bradford Team of Ambassadors in 2017.

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