Abdul Ismail

ABDULHAMID ISMAIL, 74, has been resident of Bradford for over 46 years.

He has vast experience of voluntary and statutory sector. He has worked for Bradford Council for many years, for Building Society Industry for 14 years and in legal field for 10 years.

He has served on the Yorkshire and Humberside Regional Panel of National Lotteries Charities Board, BBC North Regional Advisory Council, Community Health Council, Public and Patient Involvement Forum, Brunel Housing Association, served as a Trustee of Community Development Foundation, a non-departmental public body supported by Communities and Local Government Department of the Home Office, and is currently a member of People’s Board, part of the CCG. He has served in the past as a Governor of Bradford Hospitals Trust Foundation.

Mr. ISMAIL said: “It has been an honour to contribute to the health work in Bradford– supporting the local health initiatives and promoting excellence in delivering the most important health services in the District. I am very passionate about high quality patient care and would like members of the public to engage with members of the Board and give their views and comments to help shape, design, and improve services.

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